The sex of a fetus is determined by the nature of the sperm and not the ovum.
The sex of the child, whether female or male, depends on whether the 23rd
pair of chromosomes is XX or XY respectively. Primarily sex determination
occurs at fertilization and depends upon the type of sex chromosome in the
sperm that fertilizes an ovum. If it is an ‘X’ bearing sperm that fertilizes the
ovum, the fetus is a female and if it is a ‘Y’ bearing sperm then the fetus is a
male. “That He did create In pairs – male and female, From a seed when
lodged (In its place).” [Al-Qur’aan 53:45-46]
The Arabic word nutfah means a minute quantity of liquid and tumnâ means
ejaculated or planted. Therefore nutfah specifically refers to sperm because it
is ejaculated. The Qur’aan says: “Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (In
lowly form)? “Then did he become A clinging clot; Then did (Allah)
make And fashion (him) In due proportion. “And of him He made Two
sexes, male And female.” [Al-Qur’aan 75:37-39]
Here again it is mentioned that a small quantity (drop) of sperm (indicated by
the word nutfatan min maniyyin) which comes from the man is responsible
for the sex of the fetus.
Mothers-in-law in the Indian subcontinent, by and large prefer having male
grandchildren and often blame their daughters-in-law if the child is not of the
desired sex. If only they knew that the determining factor is the nature of the
male sperm and not the female ovum! If they were to blame anybody, they
should blame their sons and not their daughters-in-law since both the Qur’aan
and Science hold that it is the male fluid that is responsible for the sex of the